why Study in Malaysia ?


Malaysia is recognized together as one of the fastest growing economies within the world. Most of the upper educational institutions in Malaysia work closely with the industry and foreign partner universities to make sure that the courses offered are up-to-date and market-relevant.

A variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered here. Also available is the option of "twinning programmes" where you'll pursue the first or 2nd year of your degree in Malaysia and therefore the final year abroad at partner universities in UK, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France etc. this feature is additionally hospitable international students within the country.

Malaysia follows an effortless immigration procedure for international students to pursue an education in Malaysia. Colleges provide necessary assistance to international students with their immigration procedures.

Malaysia is usually called a food paradise due to the variability of cuisines available - you'll never go hungry here! The food available here may be a blend of Malay, Indian and Chinese – also because of the distinctive sort of mixed cultures like Peranakan and Eurasian cooking. With the steady inflow of international students also as professionals, it's now common to ascertain restaurants serving Western, Continental, Middle Eastern and European food also .

malaysian food chicken rice hainanese

Malaysia is found during a geographically safe zone free from all kinds of natural disasters. it's also politically stable and peaceful.

The country is sort of cosmopolitan in nature, may be a haven for shopping and has a lively nightlife.

Malaysia features a very developed, inexpensive and convenient transportation which connects to all or any the interesting cities, towns, villages and other places for the scholars to explore.

Why should you choose Malaysia ?

Malaysia is the 11th most preferred study destination within the world, as rated by UNESCO. Here are more reasons for you to settle in this country for your studies abroad!

Malaysia provides education to quite 1 lakh international students from 100+ countries in its local colleges and universities. (Read: Popular universities in Malaysia))

Malaysia provides quality education, assuring all the qualifications are recognized globally. The National Quality Assurance Agency plays an active role in scrutinizing educational standards all throughout Malaysia.

English is employed because the primary medium of instruction for all courses and study programs conducted at the private higher educational institutions.

As an Indian student in Malaysia, you'll feel totally at home since the three largest ethnic groups here are Malays, Chinese and Indians. The country is multicultural, with people from many religions also .

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