Columbia University


Established by George II of Great Britain in 1754, Columbia University is a private research university, which is known to be the 5th oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Also, it is among the nine colleges that were founded before independence. Initially, the university was popular as King's College, and later on, it was renamed Columbia University in 1784. Many scholars and scientists of the university have initiated remarkable researches and breakthroughs, including nuclear pile, brain-computer interface, and nuclear magnetic resonance. The researchers also noted the first evidence of tectonic plates and continental drift.

Located at Morningside Heights in New York, Columbia University is the 2nd largest landowner in the U.S. The campus was designed as per the architects, Mead, White, and McKim. It is spread across 36 acres of land and is built beautifully. Also, the library is known to be designed in a neo-classical style and maintains more than 11 million books and research papers. It features some famous books that are inscribed with names of great writers, thinkers, and philosophers. The campus also includes housing facilities and is located near to the restaurants, cafes, medical stores, general stores, and other shops that provide basic necessities to the students.

Columbia University has a tie-up with Caltech, Yale, and MIT and it provides a wide scope of opportunity so that the students gain exposure to a different curriculum as well. The academic structure includes a variety of subjects, namely American Studies, Anthropology, Architecture, Business, Philosophy, and History. Some of the popular and creative subjects are Drama and Theatre Arts, Dance, Film and Media Studies, Music, and Visual Arts.

The university has a notable list of alumni that includes Barrack Obama and Theodore Roosevelt (Former Presidents of the U.S.), Alan Greenspan (Chairman of U.S. Federal Reserve Bank), Eric Holder (Attorney General, U.S.), Edwin Armstrong (inventor of FM Radio), Julian S. Schwinger (Pioneer of Quantum field theory) and George O'Keeffe (known as the Mother of American Modernism).

Course Name
M.S. Electrical Engineering

Level:Masters Programe

Duration:2 Years

Fee:INR 27,57,193/1st year

Rank:#19- World University Ranking

Course Name
Bachelors in Astronomy

Level:Bachelors Programe

Duration:4 Years

Fee:INR 44,01,577/1st year

Rank:#6 Global University Ranking

Course Name
Master of Science in Applied Analytics

Level:Masters Program

Duration: 1 Years

Fee:INR 59,74,626 /1st year

Rank:#19-World University Ranking

Course Name
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Materials Science and Engineering

Level:Masters Program

Duration:5 Years

Fee:INR 30,96,587/1st year

Rank:#6-Global Universities

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New York, New York, USA

Campus in acrs



#17-THE (Times Higher Education) 2021

More Details

No.of Campuses: 1

Total International Students: 10,785

Faculty/Student Ratio: 1 : 6.0

City Size: Large

Population: 86,22,697

Courses Duration Fee/1 year
MS(9 Courses) 1-2 Years INR11.6L - 20.6L
MBA(2 Courses) 24 Months INR 56.7L - 93.7L
BE/Btech (6 Courses) 4 years INR 44L
MIM (3 Courses) 1-2 Years INR 45.5L - 59.7L
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